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Flashy car that one, ain’t it? Let me talk like a British man small. Today we will be looking at the 2018 Toyota Camry, their issues and the cost of fixing it’s overheating issues here in Abuja. We all know that vehicle repairs in Abuja is quite different from what we have in other parts of the country, especially in Lagos. you can never compare the vehicle repair situation in Abuja to that of Lagos because Lagos has border points and sea ports that gives it direct access to spare parts.

The 2018 Toyota Camry is becoming quite popular in Abuja due to it luxurious look and aggressive front grill design. The 2018 Camry is the base model for the 2020 to 2021 Toyota Camry and therefore they can be inter upgraded within this base group. that means you can upgrade the 2018 to look like the 2020 Camry without having to alter the build structure of the vehicle. Now let us not get carried away with the looks of this vehicle let us focus on the vehicle repair situation for this vehicle in Abuja and how owner’s of this vehicle can take full advantage of the not so perfect but effective repair structures for this vehicle available here in Abuja.

One important problem that often affect this vehicle is it’s overheating issue and to get to the bottom of this issue you first have to understand that this vehicle comes with an electric water cooling system unlike older Toyota engine models that come with the much more effective manual coolant distribution pump. Now this electric water pump is literally a computer of it’s own and it also act as a partial temperature control system for the engine, now  the problem with this kind of system is that the control circuit attached to this water usually does not survive any form of overheating that the engine may go through so if for any reason other than a failed water pump, you vehicle overheats just be ready to replace this expensive electric water pump system.

Your 2018 Toyota Camry could overheat for any reason ranging from a failed thermostat or dried out coolant reservoir. But when this happens the chances of the 2018 Camry’s water pump surviving it is always very low, very very low, in fact I have not seen a case so far where we didn’t have to change the water pump after an overheating was recorded.

vehicle repairs in Abuja

2018 Camry 4 cylinder Water Pump and Thermostat attached

Getting spares for this vehicle in Abuja is another problem now let’s use the example of the water pump replacement, we have discovered that if you are in a situation where you need to replace your water pump here in Abuja, you are left with only with the option of buying a brand new replacement pump as you will find it very very difficult and almost impossible to lay your hands on a used water pump for this vehicle in Abuja, the brand new cost one hundred and sixty thousand naira and there is no guaranty that this will solve your problem if the vehicle was not diagnosed properly, the same overheating will happen again and the water pump will repeatedly fail. A lot of vehicle owners and mechanics have had to learn this lesson the hard and expensive way.

When this vehicle overheats it is important that a proper diagnosis is carried out to ascertain the root source of the overheating so that it is fixed directly, changing the water pump will not stop the overheating but will be akin to throwing money into thin air. Proper diagnosis is required and not just a computerized diagnosis but a full on physical check backed with a computerized diagnosis, like we always advice at CarFix Vehicle Solutions Abuja. If you are already facing this issue just bring the vehicle over to CarFix Vehicle Solutions Abuja let us run a computerized diagnosis and recommend a repair procedure that will completely fix this problem.

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