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Welcome back to our news channel. where we bring to you all the interesting updates and vehicle maintenance tips from the vehicle repair industry in Abuja. Today we will be writing about the top vehicle repair mistakes that you should never make as a vehicle owner.

OK, I have been getting a lot of questions from our customers at CarFix Vehicle Solutions Abuja( you can visit this link to schedule a repair appointment at our Abuja facility) and they all seem to be interested in getting to know about the best vehicle maintenance procedures and routines that could keep their vehicle in the best condition all year round.  I have promised severally to answer this question and I felt the best way to give a comprehensive answer that will satisfy everyone is to write about it on here.

This is Part 1 of the series “vehicle maintenance mistakes” and this part will be focused on the Top 10 vehicle maintenance mistakes you should never make as a vehicle owner in Abuja or anywhere else.

Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes You Should Never Make

1. Delayed Oil Change Service

I cannot stress this hard enough, Do not delay an already due vehicle’s oil change service till it is overdue, always try your very best to go for the oil change service before it is overdue.  A lot of vehicle owners whose vehicle should be in a perfectly good conditions are currently regretting the state of their vehicle’s engine and it’s performance. That is because of a very maintenance culture.

A lot happens when you allow sludge oil to be moving around your vehicle’s engine, most of the valves, solenoids and oil intake system gets clogged and the oil that is supposed to help your vehicle perform better will be shut out from some of the vital engine components.  The mechanical movements within your vehicle’s engine will suffer from a lack of lubrication, metals will start wearing out each other and your vehicle’s engine might just be lost to this simple but yet expensive mistake.

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2. Buying Cheap & Unreliable Spares

It is always smarter to buy OEM spare parts. Apart from them being a more durable option. They are better suited for your vehicle as they were produced by your vehicle’s manufacturer or authorized spares manufacturer. Now, I understand that this can be expensive and sometimes difficult to come across in the vehicle repair market in Abuja.

I will advice that whenever you go for your vehicle repairs in Abuja and there is a need for spare part replacement. Hand over the entire process to a known, reliable vehicle repair service provider, that you can trust with your vehicle and your money (checkout CarFix Vehicle Solutions Abuja for your next repair appointment Please follow the link to schedule a repair appointment) and allow them to use their network of reliable OEM spare part suppliers to get you the needed spare part and implement the repair procedure.

When you use generic spare parts, your vehicle suffers and overtime these generic spare parts will fail you. You will no doubt end up repeatedly wasting your money and time seeking for the same solution that you should have resolved once and for all.

Take for example a fuel pump for a Benz; no matter how hard they try to convince you, never you buy a generic fuel pump or any other generic spare part for your Benz. I can bet my next pay on the fact that this kind of pump will disappoint you within the next 5 months and this disappointment might happen at a very painful or scary place and time..

How do you identify a genuine OEM spare part. well, this can be very tricky. That is where experience and having a reliable vehicle repair service provider comes into play. There is also a simple way for a layman to verify the authenticity of a spare part through the product specific serial number on the body of the spare parts packaging. just input the serial number on your vehicle’s brand electronic product catalogue online and you will get a result confirming the authenticity of the spare part you just bought.

Links to Electronic Product Catalogues for popular car brands in Abuja:

Benz:  MBEPC  Mercedes Benz Electronic Parts Catalogue

Toyota: TEPC  Toyota Electronic Parts Catalogue

Honda: HEPC  Honda Electronic Parts Catalogue

Nissan: NEPC Nissan Electronic Parts Catalogue

Peugeot: EUSPC European Union Spare Parts Catalogue: Peugeot

Ford: OEMFP OEM Ford Part Electronic Catalogue

Range Rover: EUSPC European Union Spare Parts Catalogue: Range Rover

KIA: KEPC Kia Electronic Parts Catalogue

vehicle repairs in Abuja

Packaging for Genuine Benz Spare Parts

vehicle repairs in Abuja

Packaging for Genuine Toyota Spare Parts

3.Ignoring The Warning Lights

Phew! a lot of vehicle owners are guilty of this one. I have met a lot of vehicle owners that will tell you, that they are not at all bothered about the beads of warning lights on their dashboard because they believe the vehicle is working perfectly fine. That is true a warning light could pop up on your dashboard even while your vehicle is working fine. But before choosing to ignore any warning light on your vehicle’s dashboard let me explain to you how the Warning Lights work.

Computers now control the operations of most vehicle components. This computers also monitors the vehicle’s health and performance while regulating and consistently taking measurement to ensure that the entire vehicle system is working according to the manufacturers calculations. It measures timing, temperature, fluid levels, gas level, tire pressure to ensure that they are all within the right limits.

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When it finds a problem in the electronic control system that it can’t correct, a computer turns on a warning indicator light; this light could be related to the ABS system, the VSC system, the SRS system, Engine and so on. If this light comes on and refuses to leave on its own, please do not just assume that this light is a mistake, take the vehicle to a professional vehicle repair service provider for a computerized diagnosis to know the source of the warning light and have it resolved before it becomes a major and expensive repair issue.

We are all aware that vehicle repairs in Abuja can be very expensive when you allow your vehicle’s condition to deteriorate to a very poor condition. Watching out for these warning lights is one of your most important way of preventing expensive vehicle repair issues.

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4. Putting off Fluid checks and Replacements

vehicle repairs in Abuja

Automatic Transmission Fluid

Fluid services such as brake, transmission, power steering and coolant must be done in a timely manner to keep your car running properly. Try to make sure you run a routine check of these fluids as they play very important roles in the operations of most vital vehicle components.

Putting off the replacement of these fluids for too long could place  you and others in danger on the high way and could lead to an expensive replacement of the affected component. It is much cheaper to maintain your vehicle than to repair and replace components that gets affected when these maintenance are not effected at the right time.

5. Patronizing Quack Mechanics

No matter how well and often you maintain and service your vehicle, once these services are carried out by unprofessional and poorly trained individuals even a simple routine maintenance becomes a threat to your vehicle. there is no way around it, once the maintenance of your vehicle is under the management of quacks you will not enjoy a fulfilled and restful vehicle ownership experience.

What you need is a professional vehicle repair service provider ( Visit CarFix Vehicle Solutions Abuja for your next vehicle repair session) that is completely committed to the well being of your vehicle so much so, that we at CarFix, Abuja will even be the one keeping track of your vehicle maintenance circle and notifying you of pending maintenance. That is the kind of service that you deserve as a vehicle owner, you deserve to have your vehicle fixed without recurring complaints and repeated visits to the repair garage for new problems.

It makes the whole vehicle ownership experience painful when we see vehicle owners getting disappointed from a vehicle that just left the garage for repairs. it hurts and we know that pain at CarFix Vehicle Solutions Abuja, that is why our entire operation is designed to save you from such stress and heart aches. Our 3 months vehicle repair warranty is all you need to keep your mind at ease after spending your money for any repair at our facility.

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6. Fixing Your Vehicle Yourself

While there are some vehicle maintenance process that most vehicle owners can carry out by themselves, By all means make the effort to have a professional handle all your vehicle repair needs as this is a much more safer and secured approach. There are a lot of vehicle repair signs and symptoms that might escape the layman but a professional will pick up such signs and symptoms, bring them to your attention and put in the efforts to resolve them.

The vehicles on our roads today are very advanced and complicated, you do not want to make any mistake with them to avoid putting yourself and finance on harms way. It is easier and cost effective to have a professional check your vehicle and resolve any repair issues on your vehicle than to try to resolve them yourself, because all it takes to put you on harms way is a lose fuel cap, a leaky fluid valves or loose nuts and bolts.

7. Not Gauging Your Tyres

vehicle repairs in Abuja: TPMS warning light

TPMS warning light

When your tyres are low on air pressure they tend to wear out more easily and you will end up having to change your tyres more frequently. Always watch out for your tyre pressure, although for most vehicle a tyre pressure that is below normal will signal the TPMS warning light on your dashboard at which point you will have to go in to have your tyre pressure filled and gauged.

8. Postponement of Wheel Alignment and Wheel Balancing

Wheel Alignment tyre chat

Uneven wear on tyres

Poorly aligned wheels could cause uneven wear on your tyres; that means one or more sides of your tyres wears more quickly than the others and most often this kind of wears could quickly eat into the fibers of your tyres and condemn the tyres. Some of the symptoms of a bad wheel alignment includes steering wheel vibration, your vehicle drifting to either the left or right when you are on a straight path, your steering wheel is not perfectly centered and so on.

9. Using Worn Brake Pads

It is one thing to use your brake pads for a day or two after noticing that they are already due for a change, but some vehicle owners will keep their worn brake pads on for a long period of time; this is a very risky habit that places you and every other road users within your path in grave danger.

Change your brake pads at the right time, your brake pads are not supposed to wear beyond the fault line, but I have personally attended to vehicles where the brake pads are already damaging the brake disc due to the fact that the pads were already so worn that the flat metals surface of the pad were already surfacing and damaging the brake disc.

worn brake pads

10. Using a Bad Car Battery

corroded battery

corroded battery terminals

This is one issue that have frustrated a lot of vehicle owners. To maintain a perfectly working car battery check your battery’s acid level each month or two, clean the terminals and inspect the voltage of your battery. Another thing, do not leave your car keys on the ignition without the engine running and go to sleep or else you risk draining your battery. A bad battery will force your vehicle’s relays and fuses to work harder and sometimes overheat. This could quickly become a general vehicle electric problem that will cost you thousands to diagnose properly before you even think of fixing them.


A proper maintenance culture will keep your vehicle in good condition. When you are unable to get some of the listed issues right your vehicle will give you problems. To keep your vehicle in a top shape condition always try to patronize a reliable and customer friendly vehicle repair service provider that will offer you free vehicle maintenance consultative services and fault diagnosis services like we do for all our existing customers at CarFix Vehicle Solutions Abuja.

Lastly make sure you keep a record of all your vehicle repair invoices, receipts, job completion certificates and diagnostics reports as this will help increase the value of your vehicle when you are about to sell it. At CarFix Vehicle Solutions Abuja we keep track of your vehicle maintenance record electronically to ensure that you do not miss any maintenance session that is due for your vehicle.

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