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Okay, Before I start talking about how and when you should carry out your vehicle’s oil change service and preventive maintenance. I would like you to place yourself in this situation. What if you are about to fly on an airplane. Maybe for a vacation, to visit some loved ones or even for business.

Now while you are waiting to get on the plane. A friend of yours who is a staff of the airline happens to inform you that the particular aircraft that you will be using is 4 months overdue for its routine service and preventive maintenance. This same friend also informs you that even the Pilot is unaware of the mechanical conditions of this aircraft as it is. Will you still conveniently fly on that aircraft?

Importance of Timely Oil Change Service

An oil change service is the most basic effort you can put into the maintenance of your vehicle.

1. Regular Oil Change Service Keeps Your Vehicle Lubricated
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Car engine oil chart

The components of your vehicle’s engine are consistently in mechanical motion. Now it is the combination of the motion between several intricately aligned components that keeps your vehicle moving.

The role of the oil in all of these is lubrication, yes! we definitely do not want our vehicle’s engine components( usually metals) to grind against each other as this might lead to very fierce metal on metal wear and tear and within your engine that will quickly lead to a full on engine knock.

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2. Regular Oil Change Service Ensures Proper Fluid Flow within The Engine
engine sludge in vehicle abuja

Image of a sludge filled engine

Lubricants in a vehicle engine accumulates dusts and other impurities such as metal filings overtime. Now this impurities are moved from one part of the engine to the other, building up what we call “sludge” within your engine. Now sludge can best be described as thick oil filled with dirt, water and other impurities. Sludge does not flow like normal lubricants in your engine.

This sludge build up with time, will clog the engine lubricant flow system and prevent the good lubricant from moving around freely within your engine, this could then lead to stuck valves, retarded motion, mechanical wear, tear and overtime a complete engine knock.

3. Longer Lasting Engine Components/Parts
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Engine components

Changing your oil at the right interval helps to protect your engine parts. Inside your engine there are a many key parts which makes your engine run such as the crank shaft and the connecting rods. These rods control the pistons inside of your engine’s cylinders.

There is also another piece called the camshaft which assists in opening and closing the vehicle’s exhaust valves. Making sure that you have clean oil in your vehicle’s engine is crucial in keeping these components well moving and running properly.

4. Better Fuel Economy

Now, a well lubricated engine performs its task effortlessly and without friction. While a poorly lubricated engine will suffer from friction which will then exert more stress on your vehicle’s engine and a combination of these factors will reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The emphasis on the word lubrication is because that is key to the proper functioning of your vehicle’s engine.

5. Less Emission and Environmental Pollution

In advanced nations around the world, the issue of environmental pollution from vehicles is a serious concern. There are laws in place to ensure that your vehicle does not violate this regulations. A poorly maintained vehicle will smoke, and a smoking vehicle is very bad for the environment.

Now even if the issue of environmental pollution is not so well enforced in Nigeria, we should play our part in reducing the damages that we cause the environment by keeping our vehicle in the best conditions through regular routine maintenance.


When you change your lubricant at the proper intervals your vehicle engine stands a better chance of living a durable life of high performance. Lastly don’t forget to visit CarFix Vehicle Solutions, Abuja to get your vehicle repair issues sorted out by the professionals.