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The weather is getting hotter in Abuja and we have decided to bring you some Abuja Vehicle Repair Tips to help you get through the hot weather. Before we start let us all remember that the best Abuja vehicle repair tips that anybody can ever give you is to keep proper track of the maintenance schedule of your vehicle.

Your technician may have told you that your vehicle’s thermostat is the genesis of all your vehicle’s heating problems; now that may be true a coolant thermostat is responsible for about 75% to 80% of overheating in modern automobile engines. But the question we should all ask ourselves is knowing this why are the engineers designing these vehicles still using coolant thermostats for them?

To answer this question we must take a look at the design of the modern vehicle engine cooling system; when you start your engine from a cold start your vehicle’s thermostat maintains the shut position to prevent water from rushing into your cold engine which is not yet heated enough to operating temperature, now assuming the thermostat is not there and the coolant gets rush to start cooling the engine from a cold start, the engine will stall and quite possibly misfire and it may stay that way till you do what Nigerians call “warming”, you warm the engine till it gets to the right operating temperature and starts operating as it should.

Abuja Vehicle Repair tips

Now an engine that still has a fully functioning thermostat will fire up to operating temperature within seconds because the cold engine is not getting cooled down by water getting into the water pump before a perfect temperature for operation is achieved. Read more about the functions of a thermostat here.

Now a lot of people can live with the conditions that come with driving a vehicle without an engine thermostat but the painful truth is using your vehicle without a thermostat also goes a long way to deteriorate the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine, there is going to be fuel economy issues with your vehicle as from the explanation above you can easily deduct that your engine will have to perform more work to maintain operational temperature when the thermostat is absent and more work equals more fuel spent and your engine cast metals getting exposed to cooling at the wrong time will only go a long way to weaken their strength over time.

We will continue giving you this free Abuja Vehicle Repair tips to help you make better decisions about the maintenance of your vehicle.

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