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No matter how much you trust your road side Abuja mechanic they will never ever tell you these five things. Just forget it. But we can tell you, you know why?  Because we are not a roadside Abuja mechanic😊.

Let’s go there.

  1. Nothing is wrong with your vehicle: As long as you have used your own leg to go to the mechanic workshop to complain, then something must be wrong with your vehicle even if in the right sense of things nothing is actually wrong with your vehicle. This is justified by saying, na Abuja be this man must chop. Some will even mentally convince themselves that something is wrong with your vehicle so that their conscience will not disturb them.
  2. Your Vehicle Transmission Fluid does not Need Frequent Changing: Unless something is wrong with your vehicle’s transmission you shouldn’t have to be topping it up every once in a while, or changing and refilling it. The transmission fluid is meant to last for a long time and some vehicle manufacturers do not even recommend that you change it at all under the right circumstances.

Read this our post to get more insight about changing your transmission fluid: Do you really need to change your transmission fluid?

  1. The Real Function of your Coolant Thermostat: You will even be lucky if they have not removed it from your vehicle and blame it for all the overheating that you have been suffering from. The coolant thermostat has a unique function of controlling the movement of thermostat fluid around your engine to ensure that your vehicle is running at the right temperature, The problem is that sometimes this thermostat get stuck in the off position and prevents water from getting to the water pump and cause overheating. To prevent this, it is required that as a vehicle owner you use the right clean and debris free coolant quality for your vehicle and to also ensure that your cooling system is checked during your routine preventive maintenance check. Removing your vehicle’s thermostat should never be recommended by an automobile engineer except it is to be done briefly to enable you move an overheating vehicle to a workshop to change the dysfunctional thermostat.
  2. What Happened to Exhaust Catalyst: Oh no! If you are unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of fraudulent technicians, they will not hesitate to ground your vehicle at their workshop as an excuse to remove your vehicle’s exhaust catalyst once that is gone, just say good bye to fuel efficiency. Say goodbye to your vehicle’s quiet emission system. Funny enough, if you are the kind that jumps from one road side Abuja Mechanic to the other it will be very difficult to trace where the catalyst was removed. Lets see how much replacing this catalytic converter costs; it costs about 100,000 Naira to 120,000 Naira to replace the catalytic converter for most 2008 to 2012 vehicles while for newer models you could be looking at 250,000 Naira to as much as 800,000 Naira. The bad thing in all of this is that you might even end up giving the same person that stole the catalyst in the first place the money to help you buy another one.
  3. That They are not Capable of Handling a Task: An Abuja Mechanic will never tell you he cannot do it. No oh. Even if you take an aeroplane to a road side workshop you will be sure to hear a story of how they have been fixing aero planes secretly in the past. Once you turn your back and leave them to do the job they will organize an emergency try and error session for your vehicle and if this does not work or if something is damaged in the process you will still have to pay before moving your vehicle from their workshop, so the next time an Abuja mechanic tells you he can handle a repair be very sure that he can actually handle that kind of repairs.

To avoid all these many stories, Why not use an automobile repair garage that offers you an in depth technical breakdown of exactly what they intend to do with your vehicle before going ahead to work on the vehicle and offer you full warranties for the repairs executed. Visit us at Carfix Vehicle Solutions Workshop Abuja @ Close to Daily Trust and Rock of Ages Mall, 265 P.O.W. Mafemi Cres, Jabi 900108, Abuja  Call: 08100 66 1236

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