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Vehicle repair services in Abuja and indeed most places in Nigeria can be very expensive. sometimes time consuming and very often unsatisfying. That is why most vehicle owners will tell you they do not like Abuja mechanics. Well, there is good news.

The problem with some mechanics in Abuja/Nigeria
Before taking your vehicle to any mechanic or vehicle repair service provider in Abuja you need to know that a good percentage of automobile mechanics in Abuja are road side mechanics or people that operates from adhoc workshops for personal sustenance. In this places, there is no standard, no regulations and no guarantees.

Due to the above reasons mechanics in the above settings are constantly trying to make as much money as they can from a vehicle owner. That is the reason why a vehicle in a perfectly good condition with just minor maintenance requirements when taken to places like this may not come out well. This is a painful truth that has to be told, It is very painful when you take your vehicle that is working very fine to the mechanic workshop only to leave with a badly damaged vehicle.

There are mechanics that have been known to exchange a vehicle’s factory fitted components with fake Chinese components while fixing your vehicle and still charge you heavily for the fraud. In this case the mechanic will benefit from charging you to replace your original factory fitted spare part that had no problem with a cheap and fake spare part, He will also benefit from reselling that spare part in the automobile scrap market.

How to get the very best vehicle repair services in Abuja
It can be tricky and difficult at times to get the very best vehicle repair services in Abuja, You will have to watch out for some of the following:

A good vehicle repair service provider, should keep an inventory of all the replaced parts from your vehicle. Now this old parts will be returned back to your custody after the repairs. This shows honesty and reliability on the side of the vehicle repair service provider.

Now a fraudulent mechanic will look for damaged spare parts around the workshop that does not belong to your vehicle and try to hand them to you as spare parts removed from your vehicle, so, I will show you how to tell the difference even if you are not a technically inclined person.

  1. Before approving any spare part for replacements, make use of your smart phone camera to capture a picture of the spare part. Now this picture should capture distinctive features of your spare part. This will help you identify them much later. This action will help protect you from fraudulent claims that spare parts were replaced even when they were not.
  2. Before receiving your old spare parts from the mechanic. Firstly identify that they are truly your old spare parts, making use of the pictures you snapped before the repair. Now if you find out that these are not your old spares, please quietly reject them and demand a refund of your money as this is against your earlier arrangement. If they insist on making trouble then report the issue to the authority immediately.

Reliable Diagnosis:

Always give the technician(s) enough time to run his diagnosis. some mechanics will tell you they need up to 2 days to properly ascertain where a problem is coming from, give them as much time as they want. Always ask your technicians to give you a written list of items to be bought and services to be paid for.

Now this way you will not be asked to pay for any additional issue that will come up later, you will be in a good position to ask for a refund. A reliable mechanic will not just tell you, this is what is wrong with your vehicle without going far enough to ascertain why things are the way they are.

A poorly done diagnosis will definitely bring up new repair issues even after the initial issues are fixed. So ensure that the diagnosis is properly done.

Quality Spare Parts:

Always ask your technician how they source their spares, most reliable technicians have dedicated spare part suppliers in Abuja and Lagos. this makes it easy for them to access quality spare parts with ease. 80% of vehicle repair issues involves spare part replacement and getting the right spare part is just as important as any other part of the vehicle repair process.

Most mechanic will ask you to choose between a cheaper version of a spare part and the more expensive and more durable version of the spare part, in this case always choose durability as it will become difficult for you to blame the mechanic if anything should go wrong in future if you choose to use the cheaper spare part over the expensive but reliable one.


A technician that trust his diagnosis and repairs should be bold enough to offer you a safe warranty period in which any issue related to the recent repair will be fixed for free. This is how CarFix Vehicle Repair Solutions have been able to win the heart of its customers. Our vehicle repair warranty is all you need to protect yourself from the harsh vehicle repair realities in Abuja.
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